Ventura County Water Projects

Finding water solutions for drought-related issues


Providing Reliable, Safe Water Supply

The communities in Ventura County rely on three local water sources: the Ventura River, Lake Casitas, and local groundwater wells. In fact, the City of Ventura is one of biggest cities in the state to rely solely on local water supplies. However, as with many other California counties, prolonged drought has affected what is on tap. Riverside County water projects help to maintain clean, safe and reliable water for residents.

In addition to drought, a growing population also provides a challenge for meeting water demands. The Ventura WaterPure and State Water Interconnection Projects will help diversify sources. The Advanced Water Purification Facility project is slated to produce up to 4,000 acre-feet of recycled water per year. Tapping into state water via a 7-mile pipeline near Camarillo will serve as a backup if or when water levels get troublingly low.

While drinking water is essential, a healthy water supply is also important for many other components of the Ventura County community. Constructed in 1948, the Matilija Dam on Matilija Creek was created to store water for agriculture and to provide flood protection. Over the years, it also trapped sediment that was vital to the downstream habitat, including spawning steelhead trout.

The Matilija Dam Ecosystem Restoration Project (MDERP) enhances 33.6 miles and 2,268 acres of instream and riparian habitat along the Ventura River and its tributaries. The dam removal allows for a natural flow of sediment to replenish downstream river sections and coastal beaches.

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