Covering all things infrastructure and construction-related.

The Rebuild SoCal Zone Podcast will educate the public on the need for infrastructure and construction spending, highlight projects within Southern California that will help improve the local economy and quality of life.

New episodes will be available twice a month at the outset. Each episode will be moderated by Rebuild SoCal Partnership Executive Director, Jon Switalski and Deputy Executive Director, Carol Church will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other popular podcast platforms.


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Jon Switalski

Jon Switalski serves as the Executive Director of the Rebuild SoCal Partnership (RSCP). RSCP is comprised of 2,750 construction firms who employ more than 90,000 union workers in the 12 counties of Southern California. Their mission is to engage elected officials and educate the public on the need for continued infrastructure funding creating thousands of career construction jobs in our communities.

Host (Transportation)

Carol Church

Carol Church serves as the Deputy Executive Director for the Rebuild SoCal Partnership (RSCP). Carol joined the Partnership in 2016 where she has worked side by side with Executive Director, John Hakel and now with incoming Executive Director, Jon Switalski. Throughout her tenure RSCP, Church has been instrumental in the growth and increased prestige of the Partnership.

Co – Host (Water)

Marci Stanage

Marci Stanage serves as the Director of Water and Environmental Relations for the Rebuild Southern California Partnership.

Local 12 Operating Engineer Apprentice Angelina Valdez-Belete Shares her Experience

On this episode, we are continuing our women in construction series. This time around we spoke with Angelina Valdez-Belete who is a member of the International Union of Engineers Local 12. We spoke to her about how she found the Local 12, what it feels like to operate these machines, and the experience on the job site. To watch the Women Hardhats video mentioned in the episode, click the link below! https://youtu.be/oGXv_BbCZmc

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Legislators Impact Infrastructure Issues

This week we got the chance to speak with Speaker of the California State Assembly, Anthony Rendon. We discussed transportation and water infrastructure, the housing crisis, and what will be on the Speaker’s legislative agenda in 2022.

*Recorded on October 21st, 2021.

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Impact of the Construction General Permit Renewal on Contractors and Public Agencies

On this episode, we discuss the Construction General Permit that is being renewed by the California Water Resources Control Board. We spoke with experts, Dr. Mark Grey who is the Principal Technical Director for the Construction Industry Coalition on Water Quality and the Director of Environmental Affairs for BIASC, and Dave Mercier who is the head of the Water Quality Department at Michael Baker International’s local office. Click the link below to find several documents about the permit, some of which we mention during the podcast, and a section focusing entirely on the Construction General Permit Renewal. https://www.cicwq.org/industry-news/construction-general-permit

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To finish our story on the city of Needles water crisis in Southern California and what went wrong, we spoke with Rainie Torrance, Assistant Utility Manager for the city of Needles, Bryan Hickstein, Chief Water Operator for the city of Needles, and Dave Sorem, Vice President for Mike Bubalo Construction. We discuss how RSCP became involved with this project, the July 21st storm that affected a crucial part of the city’s only operating well, and the mechanics of a well overall.

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This is the first of our two part episode about the water emergency in Needles, California. On this episode we get to speak with Rick Daniels, city manager of Needles, and the Mayor of Needles, Mr. Jeff Williams.

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We are starting a brand new series all about women in the construction industry. To kick off our series we spoke with Journeywoman Julia Padilla, who is in the Laborers Union at Local 89. We talked about projects she has been a part of, the physical challenges during training Bootcamp, and her overall experience and perception of being a woman in the construction industry. Here are the videos Julia has been featured in, found on our Youtube channel.

1) North Coast Project: https://youtu.be/weYg7XvfIsU

2) Women Hardhats – Building our Infrastructure: https://youtu.be/oGXv_BbCZmc

3) Women in Construction (30 second): https://youtu.be/AcawbVhd_tU

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Surprise!! We are now launching 2 new episodes a month! To kick us off, we brought back Bradley Bearden, Union Carpenter at Martin Brothers, to chat with us more about his background, experience at apprenticeship training programs, his goals, and what exciting new projects he is a part of.

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On this month’s episode, we spoke with Mr. Paul Erb who is the Executive Vice President and Office Leader for McCarthy’s Southern California region, former EVP of the San Jose region. Erb talks to us about several new projects in SoCal including the new Topgolf in El Segundo (which will create around 500 permanent jobs nbd) and a student housing project in CSULB.

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This month, we chatted with Greta Seidman, the Director of Public Affairs at Brightline West about this incredible project. Brightline West is a high-speed rail project connecting Las Vegas to Southern California.

For more information about Brightline West please visit: brightlinewestconstruction.com, Brightline West on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, or reach out via email to: [email protected]

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In this month’s episode, we spoke with former LA Metro CEO, Mr. Phillip Washington. He recently concluded his time at LA Metro at the end of May 2021. We discuss everything from his accomplishments during his time at LA Metro, his role on President Biden’s transition team, and even a little about his time in the military.

For more info on Measure M, please visit: https://theplan.metro.net/

On this special edition episode of The Rebuild SoCal Zone Podcast, we are speaking with a panel of bright young minds to discuss what they think about Southern California’s construction and infrastructure. We speak with Bailee Bearden who works as a store account manager at Hilti Manufacturing Company store, Joey Rossetti who is a student at Servite High School, and Bradley Bearden who is a union carpenter.

The Rebuild SoCal Zone spoke with Los Angeles County Business Federation’s Co-Founder and CEO, Tracy Hernandez. We talk about some of the hot topics from BizFed’s 3rd annual Sacramento Week, such as Broadband, Transportation, and Energy Reliability.

This week we spoke with the wonderful Lieutenant Governor of California, Eleni Kounalakis. Our discussion included the current “state of the state,” stimulus packages, and workforce development in regards to infrastructure.

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In this episode, we speak with LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner. We discuss everything from Measure RR to how to reopen schools safely. DISCLAIMER: This episode was pre-recorded on January 13th, 2021 and now some of the information, details, and statistics may have changed.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Chairwoman of Metropolitan Water District, Gloria Gray. Our discussion on the future of MWD, and what types of projects we can expect in the next couple of years and her vision for the future of the water industry.

On this week’s episode, we will be talking with Kelly Candaele. Mr. Candaele is our videographer for documenting projects throughout Southern California for the Partnership. Kelly has filmed all of our videos for the SB1 video docu-series, which can be found here. //rebuildsocal.org/videos/ 

We also talk about Kelly’s experience while filming on job sites and the stories he has from them. Lastly, Kelly discusses how the world we are living in today is similar to the world Alexander Hamilton would have wanted. Enjoy!

On this episode, we are speaking with several titans of the construction industry. We discuss their life, career, and their vision for the industry’s future, as well as the Partnerships. Please enjoy!

This week we will be speaking with nationwide economist Dr. Chris Thornberg, founder of Beacon Economics. During this episode, we discuss economic recovery from COVID-19, what this means for the country and in particular Southern California, and what the future holds.

Rebuild SoCal Partnership consists of 2,750 contractors, 90,000+ union workers, along with 3 unions and numerous construction trade associations.  The Partnership is dedicated to working with elected officials and educating the public on the continued need for essential infrastructure funding including airports, bridges, ports, rail, roads and water. Located in Anaheim, CA. The podcast will discuss up and coming construction trends and projects in Southern California that will affect your community and your life.