LA County's Measure M

Los Angeles County traffic improvement plan

Funding Transportation Throughout the County

Airports. Rail. Highways. There is a lot of infrastructure work out there that needs to be done. Keep updated with our newsletter.

Measure M Passes!

With the support of nearly 70 percent of Los Angeles county voters, Measure M won approval on November 8, 2016. This authorizes a new one-half cent sales tax starting in 2017 that will help fund 40 major highway and transit projects over years to come. The vote extends Measure R, set to expire in 2039. This funding via sales tax continues indefinitely unless voters decide to rescind it.

Now What?

The $860 million a year Measure M is estimated to raise will now fund a variety of projects throughout Los Angeles County including: highway improvements and expansion, bus operations and maintenance, transit and rail improvements and upgrades, airport connections, and bike and pedestrian connections. The monies also help keep senior, student and disabled transit fares affordable.

Goals of Measure M

  • Pushed up 25 years: Road improvements to Malibu/Las Virgenes area. Starting 2018; work scheduled to be complete by 2032.
  • Pushed up 5 years: Widening I-5 between the 605 and 710 freeways. Two more lanes, including a carpool lane. Starting in 2019; work scheduled to be complete by 2023.
  • Pushed up 5 years: Closing 2.8 mile gap between the Green Line station in Norwalk to the city’s Metrolink station. Starting in 2046; work scheduled to be complete by 2052.
  • Pushed up 5 years: Green Line expansion to Torrance. Starting 2026; work scheduled to be complete by 2030.
  • Pushed up 8 years: Extending the Crenshaw Line through West Hollywood to the Hollywood and Highland Red Line station. Starting 2041; work scheduled to be complete by 2047.

Stay Informed

According to the latest economic forecast by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, these projects will help create 465,690 new jobs across the area as plans include building new infrastructure as well as upgrading and repairing freeways, transit and local streets, sidewalks and bicycle paths.

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