The High Cost of Underinvestment

Assessing the State of Infrastructure in Southern California

The High Cost of Underinvestment: Assessing the State of Infrastructure in Southern California Report highlights the pressing infrastructure challenges facing Southern California residents. Our aging systems demand immediate attention and action to ensure the well-being of our communities and sustain economic growth.

Southern California’s infrastructure influences economic growth, health, safety, and overall quality of life. Yet, disinvestment, aging, and extreme conditions challenge its resilience, impacting communities inequitably.

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By the Numbers

  • 37% Decline in Investments: Over the last decade, infrastructure investment in Southern California has decreased by 37%, impacting the region’s ability to address critical infrastructure needs.
  • Ranked 22nd in Infrastructure Investment: In comparison to other states, if Southern California were a state itself, it would rank 22nd in infrastructure investment and, unfortunately, last in highway investments.
  • Only Half of Our Bridges are in Good Condition: Presently, merely 50% of the region’s bridges maintain a status of good condition, signaling a concerning decline in bridge infrastructure.
  • We’re Losing over 84 Million Gallons of Water Daily: Over half of our regional water systems are not meeting state standards for limiting water leakage, wasting over 84 million gallons of water per day in our drought-prone area.
  • 38% Reduction in Water Infrastructure Spending: Since 2010, a staggering 38% decrease in spending on drinking water infrastructure has contributed to unreliable systems, affecting over a third of water systems in the area.
  • 10% of systems (85,000 residents) are classified as “Failing” while 25% of systems (1.3 million residents) are classified as “At-Risk” or “Potentially At-Risk”: Black and Hispanic Americans make Up A Larger Percentage of People With at Failing or At Risk Systems
  • $5.7 Billion Required to Maintain Port Infrastructure: Future infrastructure and investment needs for the region’s ports are estimated at $5.7 billion over the next decade, emphasizing the substantial investment required for efficient goods movement.
  • Commute Times Have Increased by 20-30 Percent: Since 1990, commute times have surged, with a 32% increase for Native American commuters and a 21% surge for Black commuters, showcasing substantial transportation challenges for these communities.
  • We Generate $2.6 to $4.1 Billion in Economic Activity per Billion Dollar Investment: Each billion-dollar investment delivers substantial economic activity, ranging from $2.6 and $4.1 billion. Our region cannot afford to squander the economic impact of infrastructure investments.
  • We Create 15,000 Jobs per Billion Dollar Investment: For every billion dollars invested in Infrastructure, we deliver 15,000 jobs to hardworking California families.

The situation demands action–and your voice matters. Join us in advocating for vital infrastructure investment to drive change and shape a resilient future for Southern California, together.

Visualizing Our Infrastructure Challenges

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About Us

The Rebuild SoCal Partnership (RSCP), representing 2,750 contractors and over 90,000 union workers, is committed to advocating for essential infrastructure funding. Together, we aim to work with policymakers and the public to address these challenges effectively.
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