Getting around is becoming much more convenient and efficient.

With highway improvements to major roadways and the addition of 33 more transfer points in our Metrorail network, you can begin to feel and experience the growth of our infrastructure. We have more connections to LAX and underground rail connecting The Valley to Westwood and beyond.  Stay informed on important issues vital to the repair of our infrastructure.

Projects by County

Los Angeles County infrastructure projects enable the region to participate in one of its greatest building booms, as tens of billions of dollars pour into construction for airports, ports, rail and subway lines, waterworks, and other projects. See more projects happening in L.A. county today.

Orange County is home to some of the biggest infrastructure projects happening in California. Projects like the I-405 Improvement Project and the Passing Siding Improvement Project are just some of the key projects happening in the OC.

See what Ventura County is doing to improve its infrastructure. Read more about Ventura’s modernization efforts towards airports, ports, and harbors. Uncover progress made with SB 1 and learn more about crucial projects like the Rice Avenue Bridge project.

With San Bernardino County being the largest county in the United States, the county always has an assortment of projects in the works. Whether it’s road repairs or rail & transit improvements, all of these San Bernardino County projects are poised to help power economic growth in the region.

70 miles of coastline, rural communities, mountains, and deserts all make up San Diego County. There are essential infrastructure projects happening across the entire county. A blueprint upgrading San Diego International Airport’s terminal is a project that is in the works, another being the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal Redevelopment project, which is a landmark project project focused on increasing cargo capacity by 400 percent.

Witness some of the biggest infrastructure projects happening in Riverside County today. Explore what developments Riverside has going on in the airport, rail, transit and water industries. Discover for yourself projects like the 15/91 Express Lane Connector or the Jackson Street Recycled Water Pipeline Project.