From schools to government offices, state hospitals and park facilities.

As the population of Southern California grows, these buildings are becoming crowded, ineffective and inefficient in their use of energy. In some cases, aging infrastructure has become unsafe or unhealthy.

These buildings are a key component in our infrastructure, but many have reached the end of their life cycles. Whether it is a crumbling local DMV office or an energy-inefficient City Hall, California lacks funding for the infrastructure to bring these buildings into the 21st Century.


Overcrowded penitentiaries, with some prisons at 300 percent capacity, are reducing populations, but have become too costly to operate. Modern high-tech, sustainable buildings will be more effective in function and more efficient.

Many governmental buildings need to be replaced so they, too, can operate more effectively. Green and energy-efficient buildings provide a more sustainable model that leaves a lighter footprint on the environment and ultimately provides an overall energy savings.

New schools are needed to improve the quality of the educational experience for students, thus helping children to be more competitive in the new world market place.


This is a problem state government cannot simply solve with existing resources, especially as it is necessary to adapt during a pandemic. The 2020 budget essentially holds school spending flat at an average of about $12,000 per student.

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Public Building Construction Projects by County

Los Angeles County public building projects include repair, renovation, and/or expansion of existing building facilities and construction of new buildings.