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Paving Our Future with Roads & Highways

Thanks to the  1972 hit “Ventura Highway” by the band America, it is perhaps the best known stretch of roadway in the County. Ventura County roads and highways projects include maintenance to the famed 101 as well as 542 miles throughout the County. Recent construction projects include the following:

State Route 23 Pavement Rehabilitation Project: Replacement of pavement on the outer two lanes from U.S. 101 to State Route 118 to provide a service life of 40 years. The on- and off-ramps, connectors and adjacent shoulders also will be rehabilitated, and slabs will be replaced on the inner lane in both directions where needed. Existing curbs ramps will be upgraded in 36 locations to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and approach slabs and bridge rails will be replaced at five select locations.

Conchita Bike Path: Repairs addressed two sinkholes and added smoother shoulders to the recently repaved bike path that runs parallel to the 101.

Yerba Buena Road: Resurfacing more than three miles damaged by wildfire and heavy rains.

Three SB 1-funded construction projects: Johnson Drive (Bristol Road to Hwy 101), Victoria Avenue (Telephone Road to Hwy 126) and Ralston Street (Portola to Victoria): Each resurfacing project included cold milling, pavement repairs, manhole and valve adjustments to grade, upgrading street signs, re-striping, replacement of traffic inductive loops, and asphalt overlay.

Most importantly, funding for Ventura County roads and highway projects is so important because it plays a role in saving lives. As the Ventura County Star pointed out in 2018, a location where a notably fatal accident occurred had been a proposed site for a bridge since the 1990s. For decades, the money for its construction was never there until SB 1.

Of the 158 bridges within Ventura County, the need for the Rice Avenue Bridge is arguably the highest profile of all infrastructure projects in the County. “This project will eliminate the conflict between vehicles and trains at the rail-highway crossing and will address future traffic and circulation issues forecast for the area,” said Marc Bischoff, a public information officer for the California Department of Transportation. “This is an excellent example of the state of California directing SB 1 funds to necessary projects that will improve safety on both state and municipal routes.”

In 2018, David Fleisch, Ventura County Transportation Director, advised the Ventura County Board of Supervisors to consider replacing or rehabilitating more than 60 bridges that exceed 75 years of age in the next 10 to 20 years. “That doesn’t in and of itself mean there is a problem with them, but if we don’t look at a deliberate replacement program, we may be looking at failure down the road,” Fleisch said.

There are a number of other construction projects that address bridge infrastructure issues in Ventura County, including:

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