Rebuild SoCal Partnership videos showcase a new direction for our future

We’ve become frustrated with inactivity. Maybe you have, too? There is a lot of infrastructure work out there that needs to be done and yet politics have gotten in the way.  Rebuilding our infrastructure is an essential investment in our safety and economic future. We must work together with legislators of both parties to find solutions.  Check out our video gallery showcasing local infrastructure projects, careers in construction and leaders involved in moving Southern California forward.

SB 1 Projects

Riverside – Trains and Grade Separation

As freight trains become longer and longer in order to handle the increased amount of goods shipped throughout ports, cities and counties have experienced the impact of that increased train traffic. The amount of time that commuters and emergency first responders spend at railroad crossings has increased. The County of Riverside is responding to the problem by building bridge grade separations, which allow commuters and emergency responders to get to fires and healthcare emergencies quickly. The bridge and grade separation projects will save lives.

SB 1 improves ADA accessibility and local streets

Providing good-paying jobs for skilled labor and improving Firestone Boulevard, including ADA accessibility.

Congested corridors get attention thanks to SB 1 funding

Five roundabouts are being installed as part of the $13.6 million La Quinta Village street improvement project.

SB 1 improves safety and traffic times on Highway 395

Talents of skilled labor work to create better traffic flow and additional lanes, making for a safer drive through Adelanto.

Roads receive the repairs they need with help from SB 1 funding

Construction crews work tirelessly on a new overlay for Yerba Buena road with safety in mind.

SB 1 helps implement new roads and ramps

Inglewood County construction efforts prove effective as reconstruction of prairie between Manchester and Imperial improves traffic flow for drivers.

Traffic congestion & safety improve with the assistance of SB 1 funding

A 12-mile stretch of highway 101 between Santa Barbara and Carpinteria gets a third lane.

Keeping SoCal Bridges Safe

Construction crews build the future by updating Route 60 Economic Corridor.

Badlands 60 Freeway Improvements Saves Lives

Badlands 60 Freeway Improvements Saves Lives

Climbers – Keeping the Pacific Coast Highway Safe

See how climbers, laborers & more keep the Pacific Coast Highway safe and prevent rockslides. Interested in other infrastructure projects, check out the biggest projects happening in your area: //

Mid Coast Trolley Extension – Changing the Way San Diego Moves

Watch to learn more about the Mid Coast Trolley Extension project in San Diego! This project was built by SANDAG and operated by MTS.

Pure Water San Diego – Clean, Safe, Sustainable

The Pure Water construction and recycling program in San Diego will eventually supply residents of San Diego with half of the water they need for daily use.  Pure Water is safe, clean, and sustainable and will provide San Diegans with a reliable water source during a time of water uncertainty.

Careers In Construction

Constructions Careers

LA Unified School District Chief Facilities Executive Mark Hovatter explains the aging industry of construction and a need for students that are searching for a career.

Construction Careers in Southern California

Representing more than 90,000 union workers throughout southern California’s 12 counties. Its alliances with organized labor and construction management professionals – serve to rebuild both the state’s economy and construction workforce.

Construction Industry Voices | Lucy Dunn

Lucy Dunn, president & CEO of the Orange County business council shares her thoughts on the construction industry.

Union Apprenticeship Training Programs in Southern California

There is decades of work in construction available in Southern California. Get the training, start a career! Learn more about the Union Apprenticeship Training Program at

Fighting to Build The Middle Class

In order to raise awareness of the growing problem of prevailing wage in the construction industry, the Rebuild SoCal Partnership has compiled the following video.