San Diego County Infrastructure Projects

Planning, design & construction for the growing population

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Safety and Reliability for Diverse Communities

With a population of 3.6 million residents and roughly the size of the state of Connecticut, San Diego County is the fifth largest county in the United States. San Diego County Infrastructure Projects meet the demands of numerous visitors and a continually growing population.

A mix of urban and rural communities reach from the desert to the mountains to the beachfront. This includes 70 miles of coastline along the Pacific Ocean. Yet much of the county’s 4,300 square miles are considered rural with agriculture still a large component of the county’s economy. Over these diverse areas are nearly 2,000 miles of County roadways and eight airports, including San Diego International airport, that serve more than 24 million travelers per year. A safe and reliable water supply is crucial for quality of life and the vitality of the region’s $245 billion economy.

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