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New Podcast Episode Explores Richardson’s Accomplishments, The Importance of
Infrastructure, and What’s Next

In this new episode of The Rebuild SoCal Zone, Rex Richardson, Vice Mayor of
Long Beach, joins the podcast to discuss the importance of local government and
its ties to infrastructure, with host Jon Switalski.

Richardson says that “the role of local government is changing” and offers his
insight on why that is. He walks us through his time at the Southern California
Association of Governments (SCAG), what inspired him to have a career in public
service, and why he feels compelled to step forward and run for Mayor of Long

“You can’t get anything done in local government without partnerships,” says
Richardson. Listen more about:

  • Richardson’s public engagement career journey
  • The reconstruction period we are currently going through and why.
  • The importance of broadband and other new aspects of infrastructure
  • Richardson’s decision to run for Mayor of Long Beach
  • How the city of Long Beach will benefit from the Federal Infrastructure Bill

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