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New Podcast Episode Explores Drought, Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) One Water Plan, and The Future of Water in Southern California 

In this new episode of The Rebuild SoCal Zone, Adel Hagekhalil, General Manager and CEO of MWD, sat down with host Jon Switalski to talk about the “forever” drought, the importance of water and water conservation in Southern California. 

Hagekhalil discusses the need for continued investments in water effinecy from residents and businesses. “And I’m saying to everyone…We need bold, strategic investments right now to deal with this changing climate.” Hagekhalil goes on to explore the common mindset that water is often taken for granted and that MWD’s job is to ensure people know, “water is a huge responsibility.” He mentions that we all have a responsibility to conserve water and to understand that water is not cheap, “and we need to invest in it to make it resilient.”

“We need to uplift people’s lives in everything we do. So infrastructure, investing in our water future, is not going to help us be resilient and have water for us when we need it… its going to make our communities better. Uplifingting peoples lives, providing good jobs and good wages for people… this is what I’m all about. It’s all about making our lives better and uplifting peoples lives.” – Adel Hagekhalil

Listen to the new episode to learn more about:

  • Protecting our water supply
  • MWD’s Regional Recycled Water Program Project
  • How MWD is working to uplift people’s lives in Southern California
  • Water conservation and conservation efforts

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Discussing the Importance of Water in Southern California with Adel Hagekhalil of Metropolitan Water District

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