On behalf of Rebuild SoCal Partnership, I would like to congratulate the recently elected leaders throughout Southern California. From the California State Legislature to the halls of local government, these officials have the enormous responsibility to ensure safe and reliable infrastructure for the entire region. 

This November, Southern California voters showed overwhelming support for increased investment and funding for essential infrastructure projects. Voters passed measures in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Long Beach, Santa Monica, and across the region to fund road and highway improvements, build workforce housing, repair aging school facilities, improve earthquake safety, and ensure safe drinking water. This goes to show how critically important infrastructure investment is to SoCal residents.  

Here is an overview of the successful Measures Rebuild SoCal Partnership supported. 

Now let’s get to work!

Measure D, City of San Diego 

Measure D will repeal the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) in the City of San Diego. Any construction project over $10,000 must be posted on the City website. Measure D would protect the City from losing millions in state funding and create local jobs for workers. 

Measure D, San Bernardino County 

Measure D will create increased accountability and stability on the Board of Supervisors in San Bernardino County to ensure the delivery of projects that improve the quality of life for residents, including fixing streets and highways, reducing congestion, repairing bridges, and keeping tax dollars local. 

Measure Q, City of Ontario 

Measure Q will increase the City of Ontario’s sales tax from 7.75% to 8.75% generating $95 million annually to be used on City infrastructure improvements like fixing roads and potholes and repairing aging storm drains while keeping tax dollars local. 

Measure LA, Los Angeles Community College District

Measure LA will generate $5.3 billion in bonds to repair/upgrade local community colleges, classrooms, water pipes, and technology and science labs to prepare students for university transfer and in-demand careers. 

Measure U, San Diego Unified School District  

Measure U will generate $3.2 billion in bonds to create 500 workforce housing units for teachers and other district employees. The remaining funds would be used to repair/upgrade local schools, classrooms, and labs. 

Measure Q, Long Beach Unified School District  

Measure Q will generate $1.7 billion in bonds to repair/upgrade neighborhood schools, classrooms, and labs. Improve earthquake safety and ensure safe drinking water at all schools.

Measure PCC, Pasadena Community College District 

Measure PCC will generate $565 million in bonds to upgrade/repair aging Pasadena City College facilities, including classrooms, labs, and career training facilities, to maintain affordable access to higher education and prepare students for in-demand jobs and university transfer. 

Measure SMC, Santa Monica Community College District 

Measure SMC will generate $375 million in bonds to improve access to affordable higher education for local students, veterans, and first-generation college students, provide affordable housing for homeless students and modernize classrooms and labs to support quality instruction. 

Measure PRM, Palmdale Unified School District 

Measure PRM will generate $125 million in bonds to repair aging school facilities. 

Measure K, Downey Unified School District 

Measure K will generate $504 million in bonds to upgrade and repair aging neighborhood schools, classrooms, and labs. 

Measure CC, Cerritos Community College District  

Measure CC will generate $425 million in bonds to update and repair local community college facilities.  

Measure S, Las Virgenes Unified School District 

Measure S will generate $340 million in bonds by extending the current tax rate to repair and upgrade aging school facilities. 

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