Rebuild the San Diego Region

RSCP is fighting for projects to protect San Diego’s clean water future, improve our local transportation system, and create good union jobs that support working families.

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The Rebuild SoCal Partnership (RSCP) consists of more than 2,700 contractors throughout Southern California that represent more than 90,000 union workers in all 12 Southern California counties. The Partnership is dedicated to working with elected officials and educating the public in Southern California on the continued need for infrastructure funding and enhancing the region’s workforce development while creating career construction jobs. We are dedicated to advocating for clean water, safe bridges, roads, and transit, which are vital to Southern California’s economy.

What are we talking about on the Rebuild SoCal Podcast? San Diego Project Opportunities.

California must take a thoughtful, varied approach to infrastructure. Rebuild SoCal supports projects that will deliver cleaner water, safer roads, and faster commutes while increasing jobs and injecting capital into local economies.

San Diego Project Spotlight

The State Route 11 (SR 11)/Otay Mesa East Port of Entry Project (OME POE) is a joint venture between the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and Caltrans, in collaboration with state and federal partners in the U.S. and Mexico, to create a 21st century border crossing for the San Diego-Baja California region that will enhance regional mobility and fuel economic growth and binational trade. The new port of entry will be clean, green, and smart. Reducing vehicle wait times and building in smart technologies will help reduce emissions and improve air quality in the border region. This project is funded by tolls on the new SR-11, and construction is expected to break ground in early 2023. The project will be the first large infrastructure project that will adhere to the San Diego Association of Governments recently approved Community Benefits Agreement.

In November 2021, the Airport Authority began construction on the New T1, which includes the replacement of a new Terminal 1, improvements to the airfield, improved transportation connectivity to the airport, and a new administration building. The New T1 program’s total project budget is $3.4 billion and is estimated to create between 15,000 to 20,000 construction-related jobs.

(Courtesy of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority)

Dam Safety Investments

Public safety and climate resilience can be enhanced through dedicated state and federal funding for projects such as repairs, reinforcements, seismic upgrades, and new spillways at existing dams. 

Several of the San Diego region’s 53 dams have received a Division of Safety of Dams condition assessment that warrants immediate attention.  

Dam Safety Projects in San Diego County

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