Policy, Projects, + Funding

Rebuild SoCal Partnership’s priorities are driven by education efforts, ensuring the public and policymakers understand the need for essential infrastructure projects, policies, and funding.

By facilitating the development of new infrastructure through good policy, impactful projects will move forward. With readily available funding, our communities can invest in much-needed infrastructure, create jobs, and bolster the regional economy.


Rebuild SoCal Partnership educates policymakers on the public’s support for infrastructure projects, key to community well-being across the SoCal Region. Rebuild leans into projects that support regional economic growth and connect people with good-paying jobs, opening up access to opportunity. These include projects across a spectrum: developing and rehabilitating essential infrastructure, including airports, rail, bridges, highways, roads, transit, energy, and water infrastructure

Rebuild works to inform grantmakers, public agencies, and officials on specific project impacts that could boost local economies and create jobs within our communities. 

The Partnership is proud to champion projects like: 

  • Rail projects, including California’s High Speed Rail and the Brightline West that are creating thousands of good-paying jobs and transforming local economies.   
  • Critical community infrastructure projects, like helping to secure funding for the City of Needles to prevent its only operating well from imminent failure amid high temperatures. 
  • Freeway lids parks to reconnect communities, like two Barrio Logan parks being planned in San Diego that will increase community cohesion. 
  • Water Projects, like MWD’s water recycling program in Carson that will create thousands of local jobs and create millions of gallons of water for Southland residents. 
  • Grant applications for the Port of Long Beach, LA Metro, and many other regional entities as they compete to bring state and federal tax dollars back to Southern California. 


Rebuild SoCal Partnership is guided by our priorities works to educate state and local policymakers to strengthen awareness about impactful regulatory, planning, and legislative choices, with the goal of illustrating the connection between a community’s ability to create infrastructure and construction jobs with policy that is bolstering economic growth.  When it comes to infrastructure, Rebuild Partners believe one-size-fits-one approach – local voters and policymakers need authority and flexibility to develop innovative infrastructure solutions that match the local community and context. Legislative and regulatory decisions must provide local jurisdictions with the opportunity to make thoughtful investments, adopt and identify innovative investment solutions fitting specific regional needs. 


The Partnership works with policymakers and public leaders to understand the connection between public investments and economic opportunities for working families across the region. 

Southern California needs safe roads, bridges, and highways to move working families and support the goods movement. Our region also needs new capital investments to expand multimodal transportation options, including transit and high-speed rail. The region’s water infrastructure – from drinking water to stormwater – urgently requires innovative upgrades.

Local Measures

Rebuild is educating voters on opportunities to utilize local revenue in infrastructure development, whether to keep roads in good shape, reimagine water infrastructure, or build out multimodal transit and high-speed rail transportation systems. Local sales or property tax measures are opportunities to direct government spending toward infrastructure, ensuring projects meet community priorities and assuring taxpayer dollars are subject to local oversight. Bond measures allow schools, special districts, and local governments to finance needed infrastructure projects. For example, Rebuild provided voter education around Los Angeles’s Measure W, which is providing $300 million dollars annually for clean water supply infrastructure. 

State funding streams

Rebuild and its partner organizations engage with state leaders on the impact of investing in infrastructure throughout the state budget process and as agencies make revenue funding decisions. As state leaders consider budget tradeoffs, Rebuild works to educate leaders on SoCal’s declining investment and how the lack of funds disproportionately impacts the region’s working communities. Moving forward, Rebuild Partners are working on challenges facing road and highway infrastructure funding in our state, including decreasing gas tax revenues amid our transition to a clean energy future.
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