About The Partnership

Who We Are

The Rebuild SoCal Partnership consists of 2,750 contractors throughout Southern California that represent more than 90,000 union workers in all twelve Southern California counties.  Rebuild SoCal Partnership is dedicated to working with elected officials and educating the public in Southern California on the continued need for essential infrastructure funding, including airports, bridges, ports, rail, roads, and water projects

We Believe

Infrastructure Matters
Infrastructure Is Essential

The Partnership believes we must invest more in public infrastructure projects to fix our aging transportation networks, water, sewer and storm drain systems, building communities that serve our future needs and service economic growth. Infrastructure drives economic growth and improves health, safety, and quality of life. Southern Californians need to trust that our water, our roads, and our bridges are safe.

Rebuild SoCal’s Priorities

The Partnership convenes policymakers, elected officials, and their staff on essential infrastructure projects, policies, and funding opportunities. The Partnership is devoted to advocating for clean water, safe bridges, and roads, which are vital to Southern California’s economy. 


  • Investing in Our Workers: We’re dedicated to recruiting and training workers for construction careers because we know our future depends on our skilled and trained workers. Our workers are integral to building and maintaining our region’s infrastructure.
  • Creating Economic Opportunity: We can create equity through infrastructure. Infrastructure investment supports regional economic growth, connecting people to good-paying jobs. Allocating infrastructure dollars to projects that address the needs of historically disadvantaged communities will support local economies, and additional funding for Reconnecting Communities infrastructure – like freeway lids – will expand opportunities to reconnect segmented neighborhoods.
  • Ensuring Investments for Roads, Bridges & Highways: Southern California needs safe roads, bridges, and highways to move working families and goods. Local voters know their roads and must be the drivers of local transportation infrastructure investments. Moreover, as a state, we must grow a robust, dedicated funding stream to bolster the safety of our roads and freeways.
  • Building out Multimodal Transportation: New capital investments and funding streams are important for SoCal to expand safe, convenient, efficient, and affordable transit options. Transit and high-speed rail infrastructure will create an integrated, accessible transportation system. 
  • Investing In Water & Stormwater Infrastructure: Water conservation won’t solve our region’s water issues. We must develop flexible, diversified water supplies to shore up water resilience, especially in small and disadvantaged communities. Aging drinking water infrastructure must be upgraded, and we need new, innovative stormwater management systems that ensure we’re efficiently and responsibly managing our region’s water supply.
  • Building the Clean Energy Future: Our region is poised to be a leader in the clean energy transition, which will be made possible through new infrastructure development. We need an all-hands-on-deck approach – including pursuing new labor partnerships – to build out our electric grid for renewables like wind and solar. We can also position Southern California as a leader in the implementation of technologies like hydrogen and offshore wind with the development of necessary pipeline and manufacturing infrastructure.      
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