Road and Transportation Priorities

L.A. County Supervisorial District Three Projects

The next Third District Supervisor for Los Angeles County will have the opportunity to lead on transportation and infrastructure projects that will impact and improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of Angelenos. We deserve safe and modern driving and transit options, and using funding from Measure M will address these issues while creating local jobs and boosting the economy. 

Between natural disasters and expected wear and tear that cause bumps, cracks and potholes, residents are paying the price for outdated roads and transit. 

The San Fernando Valley is home to only 2 of 93 L.A. Metro stops, cutting off seniors, working people, families and those with disabilities from accessible transit options. Improving streets, highways and the L.A. Metro means more than connecting communities – these infrastructure projects also create good union jobs that boost our local economy. 

We Must

  • Fix potholes and maintain streets and highways
  • Fix deteriorating bridges, ramps and overpasses
  • Improve safety by upgrading on and off ramps, guardrails and fixing bottlenecks
  • Improve and expand L.A. Metro Service
  • Create good, union jobs
  • Fight climate change
  • Improve air quality

Upgrading transportation is essential whether it be our trains and buses, or the roads our cars drive on day after day. The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is used to rate the quality of city streets. With below average ratings, the transportation infrastructure in Los Angeles County needs major improvements.

The majority of streets in the Third Supervisorial District of Los Angeles County fall between 61-70 on the PCI scale and will need improvement.

Transportation Priorities

L.A. County Supervisorial District 3 Projects Count


Measure M Supported Projects

Transportation Priorities
Transportation Priorities

Did You Know?

  • The quality of the pavement on most L.A. County streets and roads is on the “At-Risk” level according to the PCI index.

  • Measure M will provide $22.5 Billion of funding over 40 years

  • More than 200 road and transit projects are in discussion that could help support the LA28 Olympic Games including the people mover in Inglewood.