Riverside County leaders acted decisively on April 10 to approve a new Traffic Relief Plan for Riverside residents. The aspirational plan outlines strategies and projects that could benefit communities – and commuters – across the County. 

The 2024 Traffic Relief plan is a comprehensive transportation blueprint that would include improvements in freeway traffic flow, investments in rail transportation, and investments in major roads and thoroughfares. Altogether, the Traffic Relief Plan contains more than $30 billion dollars of investments in transportation improvements. 

“The partners at Rebuild SoCal applaud the leadership that we see from Riverside officials as they move forward with this Traffic Relief Plan,” noted Jon Switalski, executive director of the Rebuild SoCal Partnership, following the vote on Wednesday. “Traffic negatively impacts the quality of life for working families – and the commission is responding to this with the Traffic Relief Plan. We appreciate the commission’s direction as they consider putting an opportunity before the voters. This plan can be the basis for strong economic growth and opportunity in the county over the next few decades – we know that investments in infrastructure means jobs.” 

As County officials consider putting a measure before the voters to help fund the blueprint, Rebuild continues to highlight the need for investments in transportation highlights the importance of investing in infrastructure for growing communities in Southern California. Rebuild SoCal’s 2024 report on the High Cost of Underinvestment showed that infrastructure investment in Southern California has decreased by 37 percent, impacting the region’s ability to address critical infrastructure needs, while commute times have surged 20 to 30 percent since 1990.

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