New Podcast Episode: Talking Transit, Affordable Housing, Olympics 2028

In this new episode of The Rebuild SoCal Zone podcast, Rebuild SoCal Partnership’s Jon Switalski talks to Executive Director Denny Zane and Director of Development and Programming Eli Lipmen at Move LA.

For years, Move LA has championed efforts to build a broad constituency and advocate for the development of a public transportation system in Los Angeles County that will ensure prosperous and healthy neighborhoods where people of all ages and incomes can live, work, and thrive.

Focused efforts

Zane and Lipmen pack a lot of information into this episode as they talk about a variety of issues and the role Move LA has played.  Learn more about:

  • How standstill traffic contributed to the history of Move LA
  • Impact of Measure R, Measure J,  Measure M, and Measure H
  • Numerous Metro projects currently in the works
  • Status of LAX improvements
  • Metrolink’s SCORE capital improvement project
  • Affordable housing and addressing homelessness
  • What LA County needs to do to get ready for the 2028 Olympics

Click  >>HERE<< to listen now to this insightful episode. 

Important Program Note: Eli Lipmen apologizes for an error during this podcast. Build Back Better includes the $10 billion for affordable housing near public transit, not the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) as he mentions. The IIJA is a $1 trillion bill. This episode was recorded on November 15th, 2021.

Listen and learn more

Click to listen now on iTunes or Spotify and hear the full conversation with Denny Zane and Eli Lipmen from Move LA.

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