After an especially wet winter for California, recent statistics indicate that the state’s snowpacks are at 110% of the average for April. In light of the promising snowpack water supply, Governor Gavin Newsom has unveiled his updated California Water Plan. 

Although 2024 appears to be an encouraging year in terms of its plentiful snowpacks, scientists and government officials are still cautious in their environmental optimism. While valuable, snowpacks only account for 30% of the state’s water supply and may not support the state’s long-term water needs. 

With that in mind, the California Water Plan includes various infrastructure-related measures to bolster water security for Californians. One of the most significant infrastructure projects from the plan is the construction of the Sites Reservoir, which would be California’s newest major reservoir. Similarly, the Newsom administration is making progress with its Delta Conveyance Project. The proposed project involves creating a 45-mile tunnel for transporting water underneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. 

Among its many advantages, the proposed water plan also expects to increase stormwater capture, groundwater replenishment and increase water management collaboration with Indigenous communities. Rebuild is enthusiastic to see long-overdue reforms be enacted to California’s outdated water infrastructure, considering the vast benefits in terms of economic opportunities, public health, and resource allocation. 

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