$54 Billion

Roads in California are
costing motorists annually

$51.1 Billion

Total Economic output
generated through transit projects

$28.2 Billion

Total economic output estimated
through highway and freeway projects

How does it get paid for?

Infrastructure impacts our safety as well as our wallets. Deficient and congested roads alone cost California motorists a total of $53.6 billion statewide annually – more than $2,800 per driver. The future 1/2 cent tax will generate at least $860 million per year for street repairs, highway improvements and new rail construction.

Ever wonder how other states are taking on the cost for paying for infrastructure?

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Transportation for America, State transportation funding

With the Highway Trust Fund still headed for insolvency due to declining vehicle miles traveled and more fuel-efficient vehicles, states are increasingly coming up with their own plans for raising additional transportation revenue — while hoping the federal government continues their historic role as a strong partner in their efforts.

The information on this page details the successful funding-focused plans to raise revenue at the state level for transportation since 2012.

Source: www.t4america.org

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Center on Budget and Policy

Source: www.cbpp.org

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