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Celebrating National Drinking Water Week!

Celebrating National Drinking Water Week!

May 5th marked the kickoff of the 2024 National Drinking Water Week, a federally recognized observance of the role of water in everyday life. The first Drinking Water Week was celebrated in 1988, following a joint congressional resolution signed by President Ronald Reagan. 

In the 36 years since the first week of May 1988, it has continuously reminded Americans of water infrastructure\’s crucial role in public health. Without reliable water infrastructure, accessibility to clean and safe drinking water dramatically decreases, disproportionately affecting low-income communities. 

This particular Drinking Water Week also marks the 50th anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act. The SDWA passed in 1974, dramatically reformed the federal government’s approach to water quality by implementing higher standards and stricter regulations pertaining to public health policy. 

This week, Rebuild encourages all to observe and appreciate the benefits of their local water infrastructure. Southern California still has a long way to go regarding water infrastructure development, and the importance of investing in water-related initiatives can not be understated. Rebuild continues to support California measures, such as the Pure Water Southern California program, which increases the availability of water resources for Californians. 

Click here to listen and learn more about water infrastructure in California! 



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