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Construction Begins in San Clemente to Protect Vulnerable Sections of Train Tracks

As Southern California continues to recover from a season of heavy rains, the state is relying heavily on construction efforts to assist with damaged infrastructure. The San Clemente train tracks are no exception, considering the significant damage they faced from a storm-induced landslide. The impacted area of the tracks is a crucial part of the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner path, which carries passengers from San Diego to San Luis Obispo. We support the ongoing efforts in handling the landslide and ensuring safe transportation for California residents. 

The damage to the tracks has caused on-and-off interruptions to coastal transportation. This $7 million investment in barrier wall construction serves to demonstrate the importance of the corridor to both passengers and goods movement. The wall will act as a blockade between the tracks and the nearby hillside, preventing more debris from falling downhill. 

The investment in this project highlights the importance of continuing to invest in our local communities. Continuously investing in infrastructure also contributes to the economy by uplifting the job market and geographically connecting residents with economic opportunities. 


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