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Trivia Thursday with Rebuild SoCal Partnership!

Happy #TriviaThursday! Here is our question this week:

Southern California saw a few significant storms earlier this year- in the last 50 years, which season did the city of Los Angeles see the most rainfall?

A. 2006-2007
B. 1981-1982
C. 1997-1998
D. 2022-2023

The answer is C, 1997-1998! Los Angeles’s average annual rainfall is 11.86, but in the 1997-1998 season, we saw 31.28 inches of rain. That was nearly 20 inches over average. Scientists successfully predicted an El Niño in 1997-1998, and it came in at record strength, beginning with a hurricane in October 1997 in Mexico.

We might be in the heat of October once again, but now is the time to prepare and maintain our infrastructure for future wet years. No matter how much rainfall we have had this year, investing in infrastructure allows us to prepare our water and transportation systems for the next set of storms.


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