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#InfrastructureWorks: Celebrating National Infrastructure Week (May 15-19)

This week, RSCP is celebrating National Infrastructure Week (May 15-19), which promotes and celebrates our nation’s roads, rails, pipes, ports, and more. From organized labor to business sector leaders, policymakers, and more, committed bipartisan champions have secured huge wins – including the over $195 Billion in funding through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. However, our advocacy work isn’t done. We must continue to unify behind a single message, or this year’s theme: #InfrastructureWorks.

We rely on roads, bridges, transportation networks, dependable water systems, insulation from extreme or unpredictable weather, and broadband access to efficiently go about daily life. But infrastructure’s impact extends beyond the convenience of a quick commute or access to reliable, potable water. Infrastructure projects deliver important, high-quality jobs and connect communities to neighboring regions, as well as critical emergency services, an integral component of our response to a changing climate. As such, the continued prioritization of funding and project development is critical to our future.

Infrastructure raises our quality of life, increases our economic competitiveness, bolsters public safety, and elevates environmental protection tactics, changing California – and the nation – for the better. We’re proud to be part of Infrastructure Week 2023 and can’t wait to continue highlighting our partners and the projects that keep us moving and safe.

Hundreds of groups have participated in Infrastructure Week over the past decade, promoting their local priorities and spotlighting projects of significance in their communities. Participation is free, and everyone who has a stake in infrastructure is welcome and encouraged to join. To participate in events throughout the week, visit: https://www.acceleratoraction.org/events.

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