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Many Paths, One Mission: 2023 Women in Construction Week (WIC)

March 5-11, 2023, is the 25th Annual Women in Construction (WIC) Week! RSCP is celebrating over a million women who pursued impactful careers in construction and who work daily to build better and safer roads and streamline transportation, expand the blossoming logistics sector, help build more water infrastructure, develop new, better buildings, and keep the lights on in homes throughout the United States, to highlight a few of the wonderful things women in construction are apart of.

In 2022:

  • The percentage of women in the construction workforce grew to almost 11%.
  • Women in construction faced a smaller gender pay gap. Women earned over 95% of what men made in similar roles, compared to other industries where women earn only 82.9% of what men make.

While construction is still a heavily male-populated industry, there are an increasing number of opportunities available for women in construction. Organizations, including RSCP, are making significant investments into partnerships and initiatives aiming to remove barriers that have historically hindered women’s participation in the field. WIC week is an amazing opportunity to showcase the construction industry and elevate the increasingly diverse workforce that keeps our country moving forward.


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