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What’s SoCal without San Bernardino County?

On this week’s episode of the Rebuild SoCal podcast, San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman explains the need for urgent infrastructure investments, reminding listeners that “we can’t conserve our way out of the problems we have in California.” Instead, Supervisor Hagman says we must invest in our outdated infrastructure

With over 20,000 square miles in its jurisdiction and over 2.2 million people residing in its county limits, San Bernardino is the largest County in America. However, despite the County’s size and impact on Californians and the state economy, it is often overlooked when discussing resource allocation and state functionality. 

San Bernardino is the connection between Southern California and the rest of the United States, maintaining Interstate 10 and other crucial roadways. Imported goods delivered to the United States via Los Angeles and Long Beach ports are trafficked through San Bernardino County. San Bernardino County is also determined to implement the newest infrastructure technology. In 2022, San Bernardino County Transportation Authority announced the Redland Passenger Rail Project, which will not only serve the County but will deploy clean-air technology. 

Despite these projects and plans, San Bernardino County isn’t done advocating for an infrastructure overhaul. The County is doing its part to decrease the State’s carbon emissions and increase the State’s transportation options, but officials remain vocal in their demands for new regional water infrastructure. 

With California’s largest County issuing the call to action, perhaps State and Federal funding will finally follow through. Learn more about San Bernardino County and the infrastructure needs of the area by tuning into this week’s episode:

Spotify – Our Conversation with San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman

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