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The future of Los Angeles depends on a reliable supply of safe, clean drinking water

Droughts are getting worse and more constant. Los Angeles County can’t simply conserve its way out of this problem by using and consuming less water at home.

Local leaders must invest in sustainable water solutions to increase drinking water supplies. We should use science and technology to capture more rainwater, clean and recycled rainwater, and water storage and delivery systems should be upgraded to better withstand natural disasters like wildfires and flooding.

The next Third District Supervisor for Los Angeles County will have the opportunity to advance water infrastructure projects that will impact and improve the lives of millions of Angelenos.

To ensure a reliable supply of safe, clean water, LA County can:

  • Upgrade sewers and storm drain systems to capture, clean, and recycle more water.
  • Improve reservoirs to store more water during rainy seasons and invest in other sustainable water technologies to increase our water supply.
  • We must improve sewer systems and storm drains to prevent polluted runoff from entering groundwater, rivers, lakes, streams, and coastal waters… including pushing forward the voter-approved Measure W projects as quickly as possible.

Our region is in a megadrought, and conservation alone will not solve this crisis. Investing in recycled water programs and renewable water sources is critical to ensure Southern California’s water future.

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