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California’s Deadliest Roads

The Orange County Register recently reported on California’s deadliest roads and how the state’s drivers rank nationally.

California has about 396,540 miles of roads and averages about 3,600 fatal crashes a year. According to data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a five-mile stretch of Highway 22 in Garden Grove is among the ten deadliest stretches of road in California. 

Many of these ancients are attributed to speeding and driving under the influence, and we must all do a better job at curbing these dangerous practices. However, we also know that aging transportation infrastructure, unfilled potholes, deteriorating bridges, and unmaintained roadways can pose a serious threat to the safety of drivers and pedestrians. 

Between natural disasters and expected wear and tear that cause bumps, cracks, and potholes, California residents are paying the price for outdated roadways. That’s why Rebuild SoCal Partnership continues to be a strong advocate for smart investments in transportation infrastructure. 

Improving streets, highways, and bridges means more than connecting communities – these infrastructure projects also create good union jobs that boost our local economy. 

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