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Talking Careers in Construction with LAUSD

“I would encourage students to understand this industry is in high demand.”

In this episode, host Marci Stanage spoke with the Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Coordinator (CTEIG Coordinator), Colin Brooks about LAUSD’s Building and Construction Trades Virtual Speaker Series. The program connects building and construction industry professionals with students to build awareness and create opportunities around careers in construction.

With the median of construction workers in California being between 42 – 43 years old, it’s necessary to get creative with how we attract young talent to the industry.   

Brooks emphasizes how important this type of exposure to career opportunities is to students. “If you are unaware of what is available, you don’t have the motivation to do anything,” he says. “If you have a profession that is willing to take 30-40 minutes out of their day to educate someone…that right there can change lives.” 

During this episode, learn more about:

  • LAUSD’s partnership with local schools 
  • LAUSD’s Virtual Speaker Series
  • Workforce Development
  • The value of a career in the construction industry

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