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California’s Water Crisis: Discussing the Megadrought with Karla Nemeth

“We are not going to conserve our way out of this drought.”

In this episode, host Jon Switalski spoke with the Director of the California Department of Water Resources, Karla Nemeth. We discuss how California found itself in the midst of one of the longest and worst droughts in the last 1200 years. Nemeth also speaks about water recycling, the role climate change has in the drought, and the new emergency water regulations put forth by the State Water Resources Control Board. 

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“Across the Western U.S. scientists have found that this extreme dry conditions that we’ve really been experiencing since 200, its become the driest 22-year period in at least the last 1200 years… and all of this is being intensified by climate change,” says Nemeth.

During this episode learn more about:

  • Details about the State Water Project
  • What is a megadrought? 
  • The role climate change plays in the drought 
  • The importance of recycled water and desalination projects
  • The latest California water regulations

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