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Inflation, Supply Chain and the Economic Future with Dr. Chris Thornberg

New Podcast Episode Explores ‘Time of Phenomenal Uncertainty’

In this new episode of The Rebuild SoCal Zone, Dr. Chris Thornberg, founder of Beacon Economics, returns to the podcast this year to discuss important issues about the economy with host Jon Switalski.

Thornberg says this is a “time of phenomenal uncertainty” and offers his insight on when it might start looking up concerning issues such as the supply chain, labor shortage, and inflation.

The reality of what’s happening

“We live in a world where the narratives become dangerously off base, and that will be driving the business cycle over the next few years,” says Thornberg. Learn more about:

  • The true impact of stimulating the economy.
  • Why we’re having a backlog at the ports and supply chain problems.
  • What businesses are going to have to do regarding labor shortages.
  • If we stop importing from China, what we should do instead. 

Click play >>HERE<< to hear more about what’s really happening with today’s economy and what the future may hold.

Listen to learn more.

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