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BizFed responds to LATimes column attacking Cadiz Water Project

Business columnist Michael Hiltzik slams water use and supply company Cadiz, Inc. for “exploiting” the California drought to push a project he seems determined to cast in a negative light. He characterizes the Cadiz Water Project as a “scheme” and points to desperation as the driving force behind “ill-conceived solutions to water scarcity.” Hiltzik alleges the so-called scheme was kept alive by the political pull of an investor he makes no effort to hide his personal vendetta against. His gossipy prose distracts from the brilliant simplicity of the solution at hand. What could be more sensible and straightforward than efforts to connect drought-stricken Californians with much-needed water by moving it through a pipeline already in the ground?

What’s the news hook?
President Biden’s Interior Department is petitioning a federal judge to throw out project approvals issued in 2020 by President Trump’s Interior Department. The includes the Bureau of Land Management’s approval for Cadiz to convert the 200-mile pipeline right of way to carry water across the desert. Hiltzik’s attempt to sully an apolitical project with irrelevant and inaccurate accusations is an insult to journalistic standards. He offers one truthful tidbit: Cadiz has said it will fight in court to preserve the BLM approvals and the process of converting the pipeline for water will continue in the meantime.

Let’s see if the Times publishes our response. I invite you to circulate this email among your members and partners. We can amplify our efforts to set the record straight, regardless of what Times editors choose to print.

Source: BizFed

by: Tracy Hernandez


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