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Needles Water Emergency May Benefit Other SoCal Cities

New Podcast Episode Explores What Happened, Lessons Learned

During this podcast episode, The Rebuild SoCal Partnership learns that what happened with the City of Needles water emergency may serve as a benefit for other disadvantaged communities who find themselves in a similar situation.

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“This fight for Needles is not over and it’s far from over . . . as long as I’m here or my team is here, and we have this amazing partnership with you guys at Rebuild we’re gonna continue to succeed,” says Rainie Torrance, Assistant Utility Manager for the City of Needles.

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Click to listen now on iTunes or Spotify and hear the full conversation with City of Needles staff, Rainie Torrance, Assistant Utility Manager; Bryan Hickstein, Chief Water Operator; and Dave Sorem, Vice President for Mike Bubalo Construction. These three played vital roles in mitigating a true crisis for this disadvantaged desert town.

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