Executive Director Connects with San Diego Union-Tribune

How many times have you driven by a construction site in SoCal and wondered what was going on, how long it will take and why it’s necessary? During the recent San Diego Business Connection Seminar webinar moderated by Luis Cruz, Community and Public Relations Director at The San Diego Union-Tribune, Rebuild SoCal Partnership (RSCP) Executive Director John Hakel was able to address how the new Rebuild SoCal Zone podcast will provide information about vital infrastructure, as well as how it impacts San Diego communities and helps grow the local economy.

About the podcast

Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ) in October 2020 rebranded to become Rebuild SoCal Partnership. Perhaps the most exciting portion of the rebranding effort is the launch of Rebuild SoCal Partnership’s first ever podcast, “The Rebuild SoCal Zone.” 

Hakel said he thought a podcast is the perfect way to keep educating the public and public officials on the need for responsible infrastructure spending. He’s very proud of “the items we’re going to be able to tackle [and] the folks that we have lined up to talk about our industry from a more personal point of view.”

The podcast will cover all things infrastructure and construction related. Listeners can tune in to hear discussion on up-and-coming construction trends and infrastructure projects in Southern California that will affect individual lives and communities. “We all drive the roads,” Hakel told Cruz during the webinar, “every once in a while you’re not happy with contractors who take four lanes down to one. I get it. They get it. But in the end, if you really find what this means . . . there is a tremendous upside to these types of projects.”

San Diego Business Connection Seminar

While Rebuild SoCal Partnership represents 2,750 contractors throughout the 12 Southern California counties from Kern County down to San Diego County, during the 30-minute webinar, Hakel directed the spotlight on San Diego projects, many funded by SB 1. Additionally, Hakel noted how Rebuild SoCal Partnership advocates for responsible investment in public infrastructure projects to help fix our aging public systems, while building for our future needs and economic growth. Additionally, he addressed how RSCP helps provide information on careers in the construction industry.

Watch the entire webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQXJGJN0Um4&feature=emb_logo