Communities and Construction Industry Benefit from SB1 Projects 

Senate Bill 1 (SB1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, invests $54 billion over the next decade to fix roads, freeways and bridges in communities across the state and puts more dollars toward transit and safety. Videos now highlight projects across Southern California as communities see the benefits from gas tax funded SB 1 projects.

Jobs for skilled labor

Funds from SB 1 are split equally between state and local investments. Sen. Jim Beall, chairman of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee and author of the bill, noted, “By investing in the repair of the infrastructure that millions of Californians rely on every day, the state is also generating and sustaining hundreds of thousands of jobs and our infrastructure and expanding pre-apprenticeship and job training in the state.”

The SB1 Improves South Gate video showcases some of the good-paying jobs for skilled labor as numerous improvements are made to Firestone Boulevard, including ADA accessibility.

Engaging with the infrastructure

Monies from SB1 go to all kinds of transportation projects. The North Coast Corridor in San Diego County is a unique program that combines improvements to highways, local streets, railroads, bike paths and the lagoon. The North Coast Project video explains how the various pieces all fit together on the jobsite.

The NCC Program is focused on keeping San Diego moving with improvements to Interstate 5 (I-5) express lanes and also improvements on reliability and capacity along the rail corridor for intercity, commuter and freight rail services. This is being accomplished while also preserving and enhancing sensitive coastal habitat.

Traffic and safety

Congested corridors get attention thanks to SB 1 funding. The La Quinta Improving Traffic and Safety video, explains how traffic flow is improved and safety is enhanced for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. Five roundabouts are being installed as part of the $13.6 million La Quinta Village street improvement project.

Improving traffic flow

In the Improving Safety on Highway 395 video, the talents of skilled labor work to create better traffic flow and additional lanes, making for a safer drive through Adelanto. Five miles of the highway are being expanded from a two-lane to four-lane configuration. Funds from SB 1 help increase traffic flow and reduce fatalities along that stretch of highway due to motorists crossing over the double yellow line.

It takes a crew of skilled laborers to make these improvements. Many of the talented workers don’t just work in the area, they live in the region and will be able to drive these safer roads just like other motorists on this heavily traveled highway.

More about SB 1

These videos give Californians the opportunity to see their tax dollars at work. Learn more about SB 1 and find transportation projects in other parts of Southern California and around the state.