Staff & Trustees

Western States Regional Council of Carpenters Regional Manager

Josh Raper is a Western States Regional Manager overseeing operations in team rooms in the Los Angeles and Bakersfield areas. In addition to his roles as Regional Manager, Executive Board member and Trustee, he was appointed to Jurisdictional Director. As the appointed Jurisdictional Director he has the instrumental role of overseeing projects that are awarded within the Southwest that fall into ‘carpenter work’ and ensures that the bids and projects are awarded to the Carpenters Union.

Raper began his career in the construction industry over twenty-five years ago. He had strong roots in the union and followed in his family’s footsteps. He was aware in order to provide a prosperous life for his own family that union wages and benefits would get him there as a carpenter.

His trade specialty was structural concrete and the infrastructure industry within Southern California. His keen sense of industry and the ability to meet and exceed project expectations help move up in his career exceedingly quick. He was involved in some of Central Valley’s significant developments.

In 2015, he caught the attention of high-ranking officers within Southwest Carpenters who asked him to interview for a Special Representative position to represent the union. He was immediately hired and continues with the same job site tenacity that has him move up swiftly in ranks.

He continues to stay humble, he continues to work hard for the membership and industry alike taking a firm, but fair approach to bring a win-win situation to all involved.

His dedication to the trade is reflected as he continues to develop and improve upon industry partnerships between labor, management and clients.