Impassioned defense of SB 1 part of final address; ‘there is much more to do’

Sacramento, January 25, 2018 – The Southern California Partnership for Jobs applauds statements made by Governor Jerry Brown in his State of the State address. During this final address, he said, “The funds that SB 1 makes available are absolutely necessary if we are going to maintain our roads and transit systems in good repair. I will do everything in my power to defeat any repeal effort that may make it to the ballot. You can count on that!”

Reiterating his strong support for Senate Bill 1 (the Road Repair and Accountability Act), a bill he signed in April 2017, he now vows to keep it in place. SCPFJ praises the governor’s commitment to fight any November ballot measure that seeks to repeal this historic transportation funding law.

“Ensuring our communities have adequate transportation infrastructure is good for everyone. It’s good for working families who are stuck on rundown roads and in traffic, and it’s good for local businesses and the economy,” said John Hakel.

As Gov. Brown stated, “Our economy, the sixth largest in the world, depends on mobility, which only a modern and efficient transportation system provides. The vote on the gas tax was not easy but it was essential, given the vast network of roads and bridges on which California depends and the estimated $67 billion in deferred maintenance on our infrastructure. Tens of millions of cars and trucks travel over 330 billion miles a year.”

SB 1 funds will be split equally between state and local projects. In addition to making transportation more modern and efficient, SB 1 will also bring many jobs to The Golden State. Based on numerous studies, which estimate as many as 13,000 new jobs are created for every $1 billion spent on highway infrastructure, SB 1 should create more than 65,000 jobs annually.

The League of California Cities and the California Alliance for Jobs have also come forward to state they are honored to work with Gov. Brown on this vital investment in our state’s infrastructure and in our future. SCPFJ couldn’t agree more. As Michael Quigley, executive director of the California Alliance for Jobs, said so confidently, “Governor, we have your back.” SCPFJ does as well. Thank you, Gov. Brown.