There is a lot of infrastructure work out there that needs to be done and yet politics have gotten in the way. The fix needs to be in. Thus, in an effort to take action instead of sitting silent and frustrated, the Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ) has created the #RebuildSoCal Project and launched a new website (

The website sets forth to inform and educate citizens of Southern California about the failing infrastructure system. John Hakel, Executive Director of SCPFJ, notes the #RebuildSoCal Project is so important right now because, “never before in the history of the State of California has this state’s infrastructure system been in such disrepair.”

In addition to presenting facts and links to projects and vital information, the website provides the public with ways for citizens to join the movement and lend their voices so they are heard by legislators. With the power of social media today, when one person shares his convictions with others, a single voice can be heard more loudly.

Also, the public can leverage the website to become more informed about important November 8 ballot measures, including:

Measure M in Los Angeles
Measure A in San Diego
Measure AA in Ventura County
Measure J in San Luis Obispo

“By being a part of #RebuildSoCal, you become a crucial participant in changing the dynamics of transportation in Southern California,” says Hakel. Those who take part in these grass roots campaigns help “ensure an aggressive approach to a state and regional infrastructure platforms that demand enhancement.”

About Southern California Partnership for Jobs

The Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ) is a partnership between organized labor and construction management that represents more than 2,750 construction firms that employ more than 90,000 union workers in the 12 counties of Southern California.

The Partnership advocates responsible investment in public infrastructure projects to help fix Southern California’s aging transportation, water, sewer and storm drain systems, while building for our future needs and economic growth.

Additional information can be found at: