Investing in Our Future with Improved Facilities

The Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ) announces its support for Proposition 13 (State School Facilities Bond), which will appear on the California statewide ballot on March 3, 2020.  “Proposition 13 is not only an investment in improving our schools, it is an investment in our children and our future,” said John Hakel, Executive Director of SCPFJ.


Moving forward with modernization

Millions of California students attend schools that are in disrepair. Buildings that are rundown, obsolete, unsafe, or unhealthy pose obstacles to learning and overall well-being. The California Public Preschool, Kindergarten and College Health and Safety Bond (Proposition 13) will provide $15 billion to modernize and construct educational facilities throughout the state. 

Both Democrat and Republican lawmakers have overwhelmingly voted to put this on the ballot, stressing California’s urgent need to modernize its facilities. Additionally, academics say addressing a backlog of needs would cost about $117 billion over the next decade. California voters approved a $9 billion school bond in 2016, but all that money has been accounted for and oversubscribed.

Southern California Partnership for Jobs has issued two donations in support of the measure’s passage. Proposition 13 will not only improve education in this state, it will upgrade facilities for earthquake and other emergencies, repair and replace deteriorating water pipes for clean drinking water and repair aging classrooms among other improvements. 

SCPFJ is supporting Prop 13’s passage in order to advocate for improved education as well as infrastructure spending in Southern California. “We want to be a part of improving education in the state of California,” said John Hakel.

Proposition 13 will approve $9 billion in funding for K-12 school districts, $2 billion for community college districts and an additional $2 billion each for California State University campuses and University of California campuses. 

Specifically, the $9 billion for K-12 education will be broken down in the following way: 

  • New Construction – $2,800,000,000 
  • Modernization – $5,200,000 
  • Lead in water testing and remediation – $150,000,000 
  • Career Technical Education – $500,000,000 
  • Charter Schools – $500,000,000 

Proposition 13 is the largest education-related bond measure proposed in California’s history.  It will put an end to the first-come, first-served application process that critics say has favored richer districts at the expense of needier ones.


Join our efforts

This historic investment in education also means a historic level of job creation. With the temporary suspension of certain developer fees included in the initiative, there will be a rush to start work on qualifying projects. Lend your voice by voting for Proposition 13 on March 3, 2020. To learn more or contribute to the campaign effort, go to: