Infrastructure is Essential for a Better Tomorrow

The water you use in your morning shower; the road you drive to work; the internet you access all day; the electricity to power your TV; and the bathwater you run for your child at night can be summed up in one word: infrastructure. It’s not incredibly sexy, but nothing essential is ever really considered super special.

With the unveiling of President Biden’s ambitious $2 trillion “American Jobs Plan” and Infrastructure Week quickly approaching May 10-14, it’s important to understand what infrastructure is and why everyone keeps talking about how important it is to our lives every day.


Americans like to believe our country is best at everything all the time. When it comes to infrastructure, we are far from being number one. Luckily, President Biden’s $2 trillion “American Jobs Plan” offers some hope for investing in smart infrastructure and getting our state and country back in the top 10.

Join The Rebuild SoCal Partnership as we celebrate Infrastructure Week with the hope to indeed Build Back Better.

Women in Construction

Meet some of the women behind everyday construction projects happening in Southern California. Interested in a career in construction? Visit our website to learn more.

Essential Construction Workers – Working Safe

During the last year, many workers faced challenged because of COVID-19. The Rebuild SoCal Partnership has the utmost concern for worker safety and promotes proper precautions for all construction workers.