The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California — the entity that delivers water to 26 public agencies and 19 million people in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura counties — announced that it has issued final approvals to provide $3.5 million for 15 pilot projects and technical studies. The studies will encompass various seawater desalination, groundwater enhancement, and stormwater and recycled water projects.

Eleven MWD member agencies have received up to a maximum of $500,000 from Metropolitan’s Future Supply Actions (FSA) Funding Program. The FSA program is part of MWD’s Integrated Resources Plan, a comprehensive roadmap to expand and diversify the region’s water supply portfolio.

MWD Chairwoman Gloria Gray said, “The status quo is never good enough, not when we have the responsibility of ensuring Southern California has access to a reliable water supply today and into the future. We are constantly looking for opportunities to develop additional water resources.”

“The FSA program is key to helping us address an uncertain water future,” said MWD General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger. “By investing in studies by our member agency partners, we’re increasing the knowledge and data available throughout the region, helping us all make more informed decisions about the potential for new water resource programs in Southern California.”

When combined with matching funds from the MWD member agencies, and other local, state and federal resources, the awarded projects will be infused with an additional $8 million.

Selected projects include:

  • Los Angeles DWP: $500,000 for Pilot Study of Membrane Bioreactor Treatment at Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant
  • Las Virgenes MWD: $339,500 for Phase 2 White Paper: Tapping into Available Capacity in Existing Infrastructure to Create Water Supply and Water Quality Solutions
  • Eastern MWD: $500,000 for Purified Water Replenishment Brine Concentration Pilot Project Recycled Water
  • City of Long Beach: $350,000 for Los Angeles River Demonstration Treatment Plant – Phase 2A
  • Calleguas MWD: $292,800 for Los Robles Golf Course Groundwater Utilization Pilot Study Groundwater
  • San Diego County Water Authority: $245,000 for Multi-Jurisdictional Optimization of Surface and Groundwater Supplies in the San Dieguito River Watershed
  • MWD-Orange County: $205,754 for Smart Watershed Network
  • City of Anaheim: $200,000 for Regional Assessment of Stormwater Capture, Treatment, and Infiltration for Groundwater Enhancement

Source:  California Water News Daily