With no surprise to commuters, a new report lists several Southern California cities as having some of the roughest roads with the costliest consequences in the country. The report by TRIP, a national nonprofit transportation research group, outlined the condition of the nation’s major urban roads and how much money drivers spend as a result of the poor conditions. The urban area listed as a trio of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Ana ranked as the second worst region for a rough ride, with 73 percent of major roads and highways in poor condition. The San Francisco/Oakland area topped that list, which looked at regions with populations over 500,000. How much money do motorists spend because of those rough roads? According to TRIP, commuters in LA, Long Beach and Santa Ana spend $1,031 each year in additional vehicle maintenance. Riverside and San Bernardino roads were listed as the 14th worst in the US, with 46 percent in poor condition. Drivers in those cities spend $812 annually.

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