DC Agenda Focuses on Policy and Priorities  
Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ) recognizes the important and dynamic role infrastructure plays in assuring the quality of life of nation, state or region. This is why SCPFJ works tirelessly to advocate for responsible infrastructure and stable infrastructure funding. During the annual legislative trip to Washington, DC, (June 17-20) we presented a strong voice for the economic and job creation benefits that infrastructure provides.

Talking to Washington
Joining other like-minded infrastructure advocates such as the Associate General Contractors San Diego Chapter, Building Industry Associates of Southern California, Engineering Contractors Association, Southern California District Council of Laborers, Southern California Contractors Association, and Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, among others, SCPFJ flew to our nation’s capital seeking to lay the foundation for bipartisan cooperation and urging significant investment in rebuilding and enhancing our nation’s infrastructure systems.
Addressing infrastructure challenges
The trip’s agenda include Federal Policy Principles with broad objectives related to infrastructure, and in particular transportation and water infrastructure. This included:

    • Infrastructure Package – Support the development and adoption of broad-based package that addresses our nation’s infrastructure crisis.
    • FAST Act Reauthorization – Support the continuation of, and increased investment in, federal discretionary grant opportunities such as the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) and Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) programs. 
    • Highway Trust Fund – Support long-term, stable, and sufficient funding sources to balance the Highway Trust Fund and provide funding stability for the future.
    • Water Infrastructure – Support key water policies and infrastructure projects that assure a safe, reliable, sustainable and affordable water supply for the Southern California region, in order to meet the needs of our growing population and to safeguard the region’s economic strength and security.
    • Project Delivery – Support reforms that streamline the project planning and environmental review processes to expedite project delivery, while maintaining core planning policies and strong environmental protections.
    • Innovation and Technology – Support innovation and technology in infrastructure, infrastructure systems and infrastructure financing.

Moving forward
Attendees understand how important it is to get in the ear of federal lawmakers, but especially so at this time when infrastructure talks have stalled. SCPFJ joined with other associations to meet with legislators personally on behalf of workers — the 90,000 union workers in the 2,750 construction firms of SoCal — that we represent.

As SCPFJ continues raise public awareness and educate elected officials about the issues impacting the 12 counties of Southern California, be assured that as Washington continues to discuss infrastructure, SCPFJ will work to keep issues in front of legislators. Reliable and effective infrastructure is essential to safety, security, public health, housing, education and ultimately is critical to economic vitality and job creation. We find that maintaining a strong presence in Washington is important to the health of California’s construction industry.