The Local Streets and Roads Program is just one arm of funding provided by the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB 1). Other programs include the Active Transportation Program, the State Highway Operation And Protection Program, and the Trade Corridor Enhancement Account.

The Local Streets and Roads Program focuses specifically on providing new revenues to cities and counties to address the enormous shortfall of funding needed to adequately maintain California’s existing network of local streets and roads. Approximately $1.5B per year is apportioned to this program to be used for critical road maintenance, rehabilitation and safety projects.

Cities and counties across the state have been actively submitting lists of projects to be funded by SB 1’s Local Streets and Roads Program. The California Transportation Commission will formally adopt this list of projects and submit it to the State Controller’s Office in December 2017.

As we near the December submission deadline, Caltrans has published the first complete listing of local City and County projects expected to be funded by SB 1. A search of the SB 1 Project Map shows a robust list of 3,537 projects of this nature – demonstrating the great need that these local agencies have for additional funding. Projects include: the reconstruction, repair, resurfacing, and widening of roads; bridge replacements; drainage improvements; crossings upgrades, and deferred maintenance projects.

SB 1 effectively doubles transportation dollars for local cities and counties, offering a funding stream for a wide variety of maintenance and rehabilitation projects that are desperately needed to maintain the local streets and roads that keep people moving. All 12 of Southern California’s counties plan to put these funds to work.

“SB 1 is a game-changing investment for not only the state highway system — but our local transportation partners benefit from significantly investing in their transportation infrastructure as well. State and local projects are already being lined up to deliver real results for all users of California’s vast transportation system,” said Malcolm Dougherty, Director, Caltrans.

Source: DOT Press Release