Keep Updated on Ever-Changing Conditions

During this pandemic, information seems to come from every direction. Now the construction industry in Southern California can obtain relevant content from a one-stop resource. The Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ) is excited to introduce RebuildSoCal’s COVID-19 Microsite.

This website is dedicated to providing important information, updates, and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also welcome the public to join us in thanking the men and women out there on the job every day working to maintain and improve our vital infrastructure.

Guiding through the crisis

Access to the COVID-19 Microsite can be found at:

This new website is intended to be useful and easy to navigate. It will be continually updated, so consider bookmarking the page and coming back frequently as we continue to move this crisis.

Some highlights on the website include:

  • Educational resources
  • Important updates and articles
  • Messages from Gov. Newsom and L.A. Mayor Garcetti

If you are involved in Southern California’s construction industry and would like to see additional information or topics added to this page, contact us so we continue to better serve and advise you.

Together, we’ll #RebuildSoCal!