Throughout 2018, the Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ) worked tirelessly to improve infrastructure funding and create career construction jobs in the Southern California region.

Southern California faced many infrastructure challenges in 2018:

  • Six of the Nation’s Worst Truck Bottlenecks are in SoCal
  • LA’s Deficient Roads Cost Drivers $3K Per Year: Highest in California
  • White House Infrastructure Plan Puts Burden on State and Private Money
  • U.S. Chamber says America’s infrastructure is holding our economy back
  • Proposition 6 seeks to repeal Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

SCPFJ took action. During 2018, we:

  • Continued our outreach to educate the public and our elected officials of the critical need to continuously invest in our infrastructure.
  • Endorsed Proposition 69 to put CA’s transportation funds in a lockbox. The amendment passed with over 81% voting yes.
  • Joined a broad coalition of more than 600 organizations dedicated to opposing Proposition 6 and protecting Senate Bill 1. The majority of voters rejected Prop 6, sending a strong message that the state needs SB 1 to safeguard its transportation infrastructure.

The region also witnessed some notable funding success stories in 2018:

  • Gov. Brown’s 2018 Budget Puts $4.6B in New SB 1 Funds to Work
  • OC Breaks Ground on $1.9B Expansion of I-405
  • SB 1 is Working — $1.2B Awarded to SoCal Projects
  • LA Metro Awards $515M for 710 Corridor Road Projects
  • SB 1 Prompts Caltrans to Add 2,000 Jobs
  • $218M in SB 1 Funds for San Bernardino Co. Transportation Projects
  • SoCal Airports Receive FAA Infrastructure Grants
  • $71.5M in State Funding Paves Way for Riverside Co. Truck Lanes
  • LA’s 100-year-old Water Infrastructure to Benefit from Measure W

As we embark on a new year, we thank you for joining our cause and supporting our efforts. We look forward to your continued support in 2019 and the years to come. As always, we encourage you to raise awareness among others by sharing our website and social media site to prompt them to ensure proper funding for infrastructure needs as an investment in our collective future.

On behalf of all at SCPFJ, we wish you and your family a happy and productive New Year.

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