State of the Port’ outlines priorities for 2021

In a year that “was the most erratic we have ever seen,” the Port of Los Angeles saw an unprecedented second-half surge to boost volumes to the fourth best year on record. The nation’s busiest container port moved 9.2 million TEUs and priorities have been put in place to enhance efforts in 2021.

Staying the course in 2020

The pandemic had a great impact on the Port, beginning with volume plunging nearly 19% in the first five months. By the third- and fourth-quarters, cargo volumes increased 50% over the first half of the year; there was a remarkable 94% more traffic in the week before Christmas than during the same week the previous year.

During the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association’s sixth annual State of the Port of Los Angeles, Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka praised dockworkers, “Our ILWU longshore workforce did a great job adapting to the huge swings in volume, as did port truckers and everyone else involved in moving cargo through our Port. In a year of great difficulty, we are extremely grateful for the tenacity and resolve of all of our partners.”

He also noted that despite the pandemic, progress continued on $473 million in capital projects, including eight major terminal, rail, and roadway improvements. 

Investments in rail operations will expand the Port’s on-dock rail capacity and improve rail transit along the 20-mile Alameda Corridor. 

Forging ahead in 2021

According to Seroka, job creation, cargo growth, infrastructure investment, accelerating zero-emission technology development and deployment, and continued development of the waterfront community are among the Port’s priorities for 2021.

The Port is also moving forward on its goal of zero-emission terminal equipment by 2030 and a zero-emissions drayage fleet by 2035. Additionally, it will continue capital programs in 2021, including the development of the LA Waterfront. As part of its Strategic Plan, infrastructure and capital improvement projects will enable the Port to continue developing world-class infrastructure for container and cargo terminals; promote the most efficient movement of goods; implement systems to enhance security at the Port; and continue work on projects improving public access to the LA Waterfront.


Keep informed about infrastructure

To sustain a growing economy and compete internationally, Port infrastructure must be maintained, modernized and expanded. Watch a recording of the State of the Port of Los Angeles in full.

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