With the passage of Measure M by a resounding 70 percent of the vote, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced at a press conference that the $120 billion slated for funding represents more than 50 percent of the infrastructure investments approved by voters across the United States. “We know we can’t rely on someone else to solve our problems,” he says, “L.A. is leading the nation.”

The half-cent sales tax increase that goes into effect next year greatly impacts the region with monies to pay for much-needed highway expansion, pothole repairs, cycling infrastructure, sidewalk improvements and more. The revenue goes to 88 cities in Los Angeles County. Each city will designate local projects to receive funding.

Los Angeles will dig in quickly on “Operation Shovel Ready,” prioritized projects that Metro CEO Phil Washington oversees. These projects have already been approved and have additional momentum due to funding and strong community support.

Some of the projects now on the fast track due to the passage of Measure M include:

Crenshaw rail line to LAX
Subway under the Sepulveda Pass
Purple Line extension to Westwood

These projects initially received funds from Measure R, the half-cent sales tax increase passed in 2008 and providing revenue through 2039.

There are also a number of other projects that get accelerated due to Measure M, including:

Pushed up 25 years: “Road improvements” to Malibu/Las Virgenes area. Starting 2018; work scheduled to be complete by 2032.

Pushed up 8 years: Extending the Crenshaw Line through West Hollywood to the Hollywood and Highland Red Line station. Starting 2041; work scheduled to be complete by 2047.

Pushed up 5 years: Green Line expansion to Torrance. Starting 2026; work scheduled to be complete by 2030.

Pushed up 5 years: Closing 2.8 mile gap between the Green Line station in Norwalk to the city’s Metrolink station. Starting in 2046; work scheduled to be complete by 2052.

Pushed up 5 years: Widening I-5 between the 605 and 710 freeways. Two more lanes, including a carpool lane. Starting in 2019; work scheduled to be complete by 2023.