Transportation advocates claimed a decisive victory when Measure M won approval with far more than the two-thirds vote needed. “Seventy percent of this county said we are sick and tired of traffic and we’re going to do something about it,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at a post-election press conference at Union Station.

The permanent half-cent sales tax—which increases to one-cent when Measure R expires in 2039—will bring in $860 million annually. Money will be shared between 88 cities in Los Angeles County. Each city will apply funds to projects that need attention.

In Los Angeles, Measure M greatly impacts Metro expansion. Some of the biggest projects in the plan include:

Those who remain in their vehicles in the car capital of the world will also see progress made by Measure M. Freeway projects include:

More than $4 billion from Measure M is earmarked for bike paths and pedestrian ways. This includes $425 million for the Los Angeles River bike path. When completed, bicycling from Long Beach to the San Fernando Valley via the Los Angeles River will be possible.