Opportunity to network, ask questions, learn more

The public is invited to attend Move LA’s 10th annual coalition-building conference on Friday, March 1, 2019 at the Los Angeles Cathedral. The event provides a great opportunity to discuss issues and strategies about how to rebuild L.A. County’s transit ridership, promote equitable community development and affordable housing near transit, and strategies to modernize the regional transit system and services. Additional conversations will address the proposition 4-county ballot measure to dump diesel and conquer climate change.


What is Move LA?

The organization was created in 2007 to bring together business, labor and environmental leaders and organizations with the goal of raising significant new funding for Los Angeles County’s transit system.

Move LA’s mission is to build a broad constituency that will advocate for the development of a comprehensive, diverse, robust, clean and financially sound public transportation system for Los Angeles County, champion strategies to accelerate its implementation and policies that will ensure prosperous and healthy neighborhoods around stations where people of all ages and incomes can live, work and thrive.


What’s in store

Attendees will find a full day of conversation about important transit topics. The event kicks off with keynote by Metro CEO Phil Washington. He’ll talk about the proposed congestion pricing, the concept of free transit and address questions of why and how with regard to these issues.

Lunch keynotes include California Sen. Kevin de Leon (former CA Senate President Pro Tem) and Mary Nichols (Chair, California Air Resources Board).

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti once said Move LA stages the biggest panels in the known universe. The 10th year of this event should not disappoint as a number of experts weigh in on big challenges. Three separate panels with legislative, agency and community leaders address the following issues: “Rebuilding Transit Ridership in L.A. County,” “Protecting and Building Affordable Housing Near Transit without Displacement,” and “Vision 2020: Dump Diesel, Conquer Climate Change, Enhance Metrolink and Clean Transit Across Region.”


Don’t Miss Out

Plan to come early to take advantage of the full breakfast and network with numerous leaders, including Southern California Partnership for Jobs, one of the sponsors of this year’s Move LA. This is the event that built the coalition and momentum to pass both Measures R (2008) and M (2016). This year Move LA  has another proposition—a 4-county ballot measure to dump diesel and conquer climate change!

Get tickets and come join in the conversation on at the Los Angeles Cathedral, 555 W. Temple St., in downtown Los Angeles. To learn more and see the full agenda, click here.